Hi colleagues,

I've pass the fly_gps_glitch_loiter_test from autotest arducopter suite, on a SITL running in local mode. This test, applies 5 gps glitches, using de SIM_GPS_GLITCH_* param.
I am trying to detect the effects of the glitches analyzing records from tlogs, but I don't know which value I must check out.

Regarding Ardupilot wiki "Diagnosing problems using Logs" (gps glitches topic):


values from GPS_RAW_IT group’s “eph” and “satellites_visible” should vary, but they stands stable.

Also, I've checked Youtubes "GPS Glitch Protection" video , and he speaks about a three-dimension GPS position value (GPS , actual and inertial ¿may these values be helpful?one).¿Are these values provided on tlogs?
Anyway, when I ran the same test, the distance variations are 1 at most ...

Any help would be really useful....

(By the way, is there any doc related two Arducopter-mavlink values's meaning ang how can be interpreted¡? :( )

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I use a comparison of POS, AHRS, and GPS for long and lats to determine this,

Hey Ivan ¡¡

Could you be so kind to detail me what concrete values ?

I want to analyse some info from telemetry, from a problem that can be simulate with SITL, Do you have in mind another posibility ?

Thanks for answering.¡¡

Ivan R said:

I use a comparison of POS, AHRS, and GPS for long and lats to determine this,

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