Hello again all.


I've been messing around with loiter abit after flying our DWAD8 octo for a while now (over 350 flights, not a single issue)


Loiter with the baro seems ok, jumpy and keep circle about 3-4m, with sonar it just sits there, about 1-2m which i think is the best one can expect from gps hold.


Heres a short clip i shot yesterday to show you.


Question, Chris, I saw that there will be optic flow in .50 ? How exactly does this work, what is required and how would it improve hold ?




Duran - Knysna - South Africa.

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Nifty video.

re the optical flow, at the moment we're mixing the position from the gps with the speed from the optical flow.  It's still a work in progress so that method may change.  Another possible method may be to use the optical flow for both position and speed but only when you're within a certain range (like 1 or 2 meters) of the desired target, the rest of the time you rely on gps only.

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