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I'm using the Ublox GS407 GPS unit with ArduPilot and ArduIMU V2+. Just wondering what is the units for the latitude and longtitude of the GPS, I know altitude is in meters, but the code for ArduPilot did not state which units the lat and long is in (just a *10^7).. For a while I thought it was in miles, after being converted from minutes and seconds.. But in the ArduPilot Config tool v1.4.12 for waypoints programming, I clicked on one waypoint 10m to the right of the home point and longtitude jumped from 103.785138 to 103.785227, or a 0.000089 difference, which totally confused me..


Any quick replies are much appreciated! Thanks!! :)

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it's in degrees of lat/lng

Okay got it! From where I am at approx 1deg latitude, 1deg change of longtitude corresponds to 111.32km. so the difference is about 10m, thank you so much!

it's in minute in lat/long



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