• Glad it helps.
    I'd like to propose the possibility for C_GPS2KML to be "upgrade" adding specific UAV features.
    The program can easily process additional data to the visualization.
    Any data that could be UAV specific could be added: what has to be done is just define a format, and what the visualization should show in the google earth view.

    For example, we could define a format that includes specific paramters.
    Attitude, engines speed, residual battery charge (or anything else) C_GPS2KML will able to add this information the generated KML file (it's possible to add the data in the small box that opens for each point - useful for values that requires a table formatting or - a bit more complex- change the the objects generated like the colour of the track, size of the points ecc...)
    There are really many possibilities :)
    So, if we have an idea to extend KML visuazation to fit UAV specific needs, I will be happy to support the development (and I think this forum can be used for the "think-tank" on this purpose)
  • Hi, the C_GPS2KML tool indicated in this discussione for NMEA to KML conversion has now changed his location
    Updates are now puplidhes here:

    Direct link to the page:

    There is a new version of the program, now featuring GLonass support for NMEA files (with some other minor chages and bugfixes)
    GNSS Info
    Navigazione satellitare e dintorni. Creazione e visualizzazione dati, mappe e Google Earth
  • Hi Ric,



    It converts literally every format into every other format and can also apply some filters while doing so.



  • Hi guys

    If i have 2 kml files
    how do i display path A and path B on the same screen for comparison
  • Well done great find. I'm having problems converting txt. files in GPS2KML have to convert it to gpx first in GPSBabel but otherwise it works grate with GGA & RMC strings only. --- what else do you need!
  • I finally found what I was searching for: this one.

  • I use, don´t know about start/end, does wp, tracks, trackpoits to wp translation, etc. Not too easy, but good.

    That site makes it pretty damn easy.
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