gps showing wrong location i,m not in Africa lol

Hi all i just got my telemetry working and for some reason now my MP is showing my plane in Africa,,i have tried going back to the USB and disconnecting the xbee,s  but still will not report the correct location .i have GPS lock and it was showing the correct location . i,m at a loss my MP updated again this mourning could this be the problem what else can i check? i have the APM1.4 and the mediatek and am using the 2.4 xbee pro,s and also have the mag hooked up . any suggestions ? 

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    Does it show the right position when you're connected via USB and have lock? 

    It's all working for me fine on USB. 

  • There may be something wrong with GPS autodetection using mission planner version 1.1.38 also. See this comment:

  • "i have GPS lock"... what LED or output specifically are you using to determine that?

    I would go into the CLI (terminal), test menu, and run the GPS test. It may be reporting Lat 0.00, Long 0.00 which is just west of the African coast. This could be due to the GPS being improperly detected, disabled or connected to the I2C port (the one marked NOGPS). If tht were the case, the blue LED on the GPS itself would indicate a lock (solid blue) because it is powered, but the data isn't being given to the APM.

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