I never had a issue with my GPS until I decide to go for a quick flight today.  The first thing I noticed was that my char set was messed up on my mimimosd.  So I then uploaded minimosd-extra on to my osd and it fixed the problem.  After I decide to try again to fly.  For some reason my quad will not arm. Then I decide to plug it back into mission planner and see why.  I appears as if I cannot connect to any satellites.  Im not sure what caused this my as you can see in my picutre below I have 9 sattlite connections.  It wasn't until I flash mimimosd extra on the osd when I started to have these issues.  Any tips or ideas would be much appreciated. 

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I would check the serial port configurations in your full parameter list.

Since I do not know if you are using an APM or a Pixhawk, I cannot tell you what serial port the GPS is on, but I would look for the port that is set to 38 and make sure that it is set to protocol 5.



My bad, its a Pixhawk

Also I'm not sure how you look for port 38 in full parameter list 

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