GPS with similar performance to uBlox NEO-M8N


I currently use two NEO-M8N uBlox GPS/GLONASS receiver. Now since two identical manufactured GPS receivers do not really help for reliability I like to use one uBlox NEO-M8N and another manufactured one.
Does someone have experience with other brand GPS/GLONASS receivers that are similar to the uBlox one?

Thx for the help

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I dont know of any but I dont necesarily see them both being the same brand as being a problem, its unlikely they will both fail at the same time even if they are the same brand. unless you did something like a firmware update on both at the same time and the firmware had an issue, but in that case i wouldnt do them both at the same time anyways

In terms of safety its very likely that they fail on the same time since everything is the same (hardware, software etc.).

But I probably found now one from mtk...

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