Guided Mode

Has anyone used guided mode? I was trying it out today and all is good until it gets to the target from there it wants to spin around in a circle like it's lost. 

Maybe I missed something but is there a setting to change the behavior of the AC when it reaches the target? 

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  • Files were to big to put on one reply. 

    2015-01-26 10-44-41.tlog

    • you see helicopt

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    2015-01-27 08-57-03

  • Looks like mine was set to Face along GPS course. That explains the weird circling and also some weird tail movement when in Auto mode. 

    Running 3.2 on Tradheli. 

    Another question is there a way to slow the copter down before getting the last wp? Whenever the heli gets the last WP it basically hits a wall and comes to a quick loiter. 

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      WPNAV_ACCEL is set to 100 (1m/s/s) but you could try reducing that to 50 (0.5m/s/s).  it'll accelerate more slowly as well though and there could be other unintended consequences like it'll make the "leash" that the copter is following longer so it may end up turning towards the next point long before it reaches the next waypoint.

  • Developer

    Thanks for the report.

    What's the WP_YAW_BEHAVE param set to?  If it's set to 0 the yaw won't change at all.  If it's 1 I think it will do the correct thing (i.e. not circle).  If it's something else (like use GPS) it might do the circling..

    It's probably best to include a log and/or which version of the software are you using?  And it's flying on a tradheli?

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