My DIY frame for a H-frame quad I did it from balsa wood which costs me $10. There is 3 layers of balsa wood for body and 3 layers for arms. Layers are glued with carpenter glue. The weight is 1Kg with all included as motors/props, ESC, APM2, telemetry (XRF), GoPro w/case, 2200 3S Lipo.

No vibration (comparing to aluminum), no radio interference (comparing to carbon fiber), no weight (comparing to fiber glass).

The size is 19inch x 19inch.

Arms can be removed for transport. Each arm is fix to body with 2 screw/bold and velcro straps.

ESC are mounted under the airflow from each props for cooling.

GoPro cam is on the front and you can not see the props. The CG is under the APM2, since GoPro has the same weight with Lipo.

It is flying pretty stable and I do have like 9 min hovering with this setup.

I would remove the GoPro case (100g) and find a light case for lens only and add a gimbal for GoPro (+2 servos). All weight will be less than 1.2 Kg.

Adding the FPV gear (500 mW Video TX, OSD Remzibi, V-dipol DIY antenna and microphone) would add a few grams more.


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  • how long altitude can we reach with wood frame ?
    just like you,i prefer wood than carbon,but i never see that it can reach 100 meter above.

  • Yes! Wood is underrated as a copter material.

  • I have a few questions for you. I am trying to build one myself, but I am coming across a lot of difficulties.

    What is your configuration?

    What flight board did you use and how did you connect it to the battery?

    Also did U use a power distribution board or did you build a wiring harness?

    If you have time to answers most of these, please do. It will help me big time in my project. Thank you  

  • Is it just my imagination, or are your front props tilted forward?

  • Beautiful.

    What are the dimensions of the balsa?  Is that 3 strips of 1/4 x 1/2 for the arms?  And your deck is maybe 3 inches wide?


  • MR60

    Love it.  Perfect combination of low and high tech to get something flying.  Too many of us try to perfect the design and miss out on the important part of just go fly.

  • It looks birds like my QuadX H-Frame...


    Birds like my QuadCopter with APM2

  • See below link with a flight with this QuadX H-Frame with GoPro cam

  • H-Frames really work well, excellent job on the build - its Great to see building of frames rather than buying off the shelf. Really nice work!!!! 

    Also as criro said, can you share base params with the community :)

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