I just bought a set of parts to build my first UAV and I've been following along with the getting started guide in the WIKI. I get stuck at the point of connecting the APM 2 to the Mission Planner software. When I click the connect button, the software sits there trying to connect, but it times out.

If I open the terminal in the Mission Planner software, I can see that the APM 2 is talking but it is sending back malformed data (See attached screenshot.) I have used another terminal program to confirm data is being sent, but it is corrupted.

The first thing I did with the mission planner software was to click the hexacopter icon in the firmware tab to download the firmware. This completed and verified successfully.

I have the APM 2 plugged through usb to the computer with nothing else plugged in. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to fix this.


This afternoon I started it up again it seems to have started properly. It does now connect to the mission planner software, although clicking connect causes the APM 2 to re-start and it has to wait a while before it goes through with the connection. Unfortunately it is still sending corrupted data back to the serial terminal. 

After these issues, and especially with it randomly sometimes working or not working and restarting, I suspect a hardware problem, and I don't trust it to fly. I'm going to get in touch with the store I bought it from and see if I can get it replaced.

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This morning I opened up the mission planner software and it automatically updated itself to the newest version. I went to the firmware tab and re-downloaded the hexacopter firmware. It still won't connect to the mission planner software, but is putting out a bit more on the terminal now, see attached screenshot.

On the APM 2 board, the power LED is on, and the blue 'C' led is blinking. About once every 2 seconds the blue LED stops blinking and the TX led blinks quickly a few times. This corresponds to several new lines being added to the serial terminal. The blue LED starts blinking again and the process repeats. My current theory is that it may be stuck in a re-boot loop. Is there a WDT running that could be periodically resetting the microcontroller?

I would really appreciate some help on this problem, I am not familiar enough with the software and hardware to do much debugging yet. Can anyone provide some insight on what is going wrong?


I suspect that it is just reformatting the memory card.  let it connected to USB (no mission planner) for 6-10 minutes.  you will know when it's done when the red/blue LED flash happily.  

BTW, the "garbage" you see in the terminal is normal, this is the mavlink protocol sent down.  

give it the time to format and let us know.   

Quick note, if you want to get no more garbage in the terminal screen and enter CLI (Command line interpreter) you need to press [enter] 3 times. 

Post back your results.. 



Thanks! I did not know about activating it by pressing enter three times. I am able to talk to it now. I suppose I must not have waited early enough the first time to let it format the memory card.

I have run into one other problem, maybe you can tell me if I am overlooking something. The board does not power up when I am running it from the battery. If I power it through USB, the green power light comes on when it gets power, and a couple seconds later the blue and red status leds start blinking. If I power it off the battery, the green power LED comes on, but nothing more happens. I tried pressing reset, but it did not help. Under USB, VCC = 4.92V. Under battery power, VCC = 4.75V. This makes sense because of the schottky diode in the path from the battery, and I wouldn't expect it to cause a problem.

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