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    Impressive! Looks like a pretty simple (2-axis) autopilot but perfect for an EasyStar. Obviously intended for FPV first, so although it's the same price (~$800) as Dean's Attopilot, I suspect he'll have the advantage for people serious about UAVs. Also, note that Dean's using the Parallax Propeller chip, which is optimized for video, so he can easily add FPV if he's got a spare cog.

    I think there's going to be a lot of competition in the $400-$800 proprietary system space (this, AttoPilot, the now-dated PicoPilot and forthcoming gear from FMA)

    There will also hopefully be more entrants in the $100-$300 open source space (along with our own ArduPilot ($25, or $75 w/GPS) there will be ArduPilot Pro (under $100) and Bill Premerlani's updated 6-axis IMU autopilot (probably around $250)
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