Heavy Duty Compact Pan Tilt Unit w/RX and antenna $325 + Shipping

This Pan/Tilt is outfitted with a long distance 433MHz antenna and receiver (5V, GND, Video, Audio) with completely separate wiring from the rest of the system. It can be used for a variety of loads such as cameras, telescopes or different antenna/receiver combinations and includes data and power for accessories such as a spotter cam (included) or any device the user can imagine.

Once powered, this P/T unit calibrates itself to the vehicle or mount on which it is installed. The handheld controller has a knob (left) for open loop control of the continuous rotation pan platform. A one inch diameter aluminum hollow shaft, ball bearing pillow blocks and heavy duty thrust bearings make this a fast, smooth and powerful pan capable of swinging several pounds. The position of the pan is displayed on a circle of 24 bright blue (programmable) LEDs. The tilt is controlled by the right knob for closed loop control with position displayed on the center strip of LEDs. A high quality Pololu Jrk G2 board controls the tilt mechanism allowing the user to reprogram the tilt unit with easy software to accommodate various loads.

Email jparisse@me.com for payment and shipping details.

Shipped from Los Angeles, California USA

Originally an ArduTracker converted to manual. Can easily be converted back with a PixHawk 2.1

Custom - Professional Build

Two separate Data/Power paths to Tilt Unit

Continuous Rotation Pan

90 Degree Tilt

Handheld Controller with P/T Position Display

Extra power & data (5V, 12V) on tilt unit for accessories

12V 2A Input

Lead Counter Weight

High Quality Pololu Motor Controllers

Sold with 12V Video Camera for example accessory use

433/900Mhz Video Receiver Included

433MHz RHCP Helical Antenna Included

Arduino Source Code Included

3D CAD File for Cowl Included

Radio System

12V Input (std Barrel)

Audio Output (RCA)

Video Output (RCA)

Accessory System (Spotter Cam)

12V & 5V Power

2 Data Lines (A/V, USB, RX/TX, I2C, etc.)


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