• Hey Samuel

    The aircraft looks very good. If may I ask, can you share the description of the components you used to assembly the copter? I mean, reference of motors, ESCs, battery and frame. I am building an hexacopter for crop spray purposes, but the motors are not strong enough to carry out the payload needed at 50% of throttle.

    Many thanks

  • Impressive!!!! :O , only a suggestion, Isn't better to put the spraying arms lower? not to have the tank disturb and more damage on motors and electronic with pesticide?, another idea, if the tank is nearer the main plate, perhaps it's better to equilibrate and the pump in one side, waiting for the video, Good luky first fly :)

  • The CoG could give you trouble, beeing low with the full tank and getting up when the tank depletes. be careful, and test it on both situations with same gains to see what happens, then tune it for the worst case.

    • Thank you for your good advice,I had thought about this question,at last I use this design is for reducing the affect of concussion of pump to parts on center plate such as imu etc.

      There will be a clear answer after test! 

  • What a monster! Very cool.

    • Thank you!

      now all works is OK! just waiting for a sunny day to test!

      • Make sure you take a video. You know the saying - pictures or it didn't happen. :-)

        • Yeah,thank you forI won't forget it. :-)

          Weahther is not good.Maybe it will delay a few days!

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