I have been a long time lurker and I am finally ready to start my summer project of building a hexacopter. I'm actually hoping it doesn't take all summer, I'd like to take to take it to the NC coast and fly. I just ordered some G10 to build the frame and aluminium tubes for the arms from McMaster. I was looking to order the APM2 but it says there is a 12 week wait for shipping! Is that correct or just worst case and the magical number is really 2 weeks? I have read so much about it I would prefer to use it.

I'm looking for suggestions on motors, batteries and  ESCs. Without knowing the weight I have a rough goal of getting 15-20minutes of flight time. I do plan on having 2 batteries on board. I'm pretty set on getting Turnigy 9x either when it comes back in stock at HK or through Ebay. Having built a RC 14yrs ago with my dad I imagine this project will be a challenge but not one I can't conquer.

Thanks for any and all advice, I appreciate it.

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Most recently, Chris Anderson, the founder of diydrones said that APM2 deliveries were likely to be about 2 weeks from order , not 8-12 as stated on the website. 


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