Hello World!

I'm new to these forums. I was drawn in a number of weeks ago, while 30,000 feet or so in the air, reading an article in WIRED. I never read magazines, except when I'm at an airport, with the anticipation of a long boring flight in a cramped seat where it will be very uncomfortable for me to open up my oversized 17inch dell precision laptop. It's a sight to see, amplified by my height of 6'4".... So back on topic....

As I said, I never read magazines... except when I fly. I fly for work a lot - so really, I read more magazines than I'd like to admit. But again, I'm off subject.

I didn't find an 'introductions' forum, so I decided the 'newbies' would be a fine place to post an introduction.

I'm a software developer by trade. In fact, I teach classes in software development.... It's the purpose for at least half of my travel. The other half? Writing software, of course! I'm a .NET developer with more than 10 years of experience. In fact, I was writing software in VB.NET and C# before the first public version of the .NET Framework.

I also have a love for flight. One of my 'other hobbies' is skydiving on the weekends... Although recently my geek hobbies have been overriding my thrill seeking hobbies; and that's what brings me here...

I love this community already! And i've only been loitering around for a month or two. I recently purchased the parts to my first quadrotor, which I'm anxiously awaiting. What I'm enjoying the most about this is the fact that it's an open source community. I've been involved in only one open source community in the past - the DotNetNuke community. I hope to be able to contribute to this community as much as I have the DotNetNuke community. The potential in this feild has extraordinary dreams filling my head. I've long been interested in 'artificial intelligence' but this is the first time I've been strongly interested in a subject that could allow me to apply such subjects. My dream job is working in a robot research and development company :-) I'm happily employed (self-employed, even) but if you happen to own a robot research company, you've already won my heart! Drop me your email and I'll send you my resume immediately!

Thank you to each and every one of the active community members of DIY Drones for the efforts you've put in. I look forward to being at least a small part of them.

Matt Christenson

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