I'm trying to fly the drone X8 + coaxial octocopter, and I've had many problems, it does not rise, it goes sideways or it just takes a 360 degree turn on the ground but it never rises, I'd like to know if you could help me with what version of firmware is the correct or PID gains, I do the calibration with QGround control, because with mission planner I have never managed to fly, with QGroundcontrol a while ago I managed to rise but now I can not, I hope you can help me.

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Hi Rogelio.

There could be a multitude of contributing factors to this behaviour. i.e. Battery condition - state of charge. motor configuration - are the signal cables wired in the right order. propellers - are they the right order - i.e. counterclockwise and clockwise. Do all the obvious checks first. Use the most recent updates of firmware. Follow the Wiki its more than detailed enough to solve many of these issues. Check and re-check the obvious. I succesfully pilot a Co-Ax on a regular basis with Mission Planner There is no reason you cannot bring this to successful conclusion with perseverance.


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