V2.xx drifting problem ?


I have a little trouble with my bird hexa.
He takes off properly, for 2 mins is very stable. then it drift to the left so Icompensate, but it goes very slowly and I continue to be compensated. I get to the bottom end of travel of the stick. of course if I release the stick at its center, there is a strong push on the left and turns like a pancake.

If you have an idea I'm interested, I am V2.2 but it did also in V2.1

Thank you in advance for your help

2012-01-15 09-16 4.log

2012-01-15 09-17 5.log

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  • I change my Turnigy Receiver, flash the ppm firmware of APM1 with the last and upgrade to 2.3 of arducopter. After I test it but I've the same problem. With the first accu is not very important, but with the second, I stop the test before a crash ....
    I send a mail to 3Drobotic, perhaps it's a know problem with pwm ship?

  • Did anyone get this issue solved?

  • Just tried again today with 4 new rctimer props. I balanced them verry well. Still same issues. I now ordered the apc slow fly 10x4.7 hopely after balancing them it solves the issue. For now my quad is not flyable.

  • f5pql69 could you change the topic title to V2.xx drifting problem? That way more people can find this thread if they have the same problem. And maybe our problem then gets a bit more attention.

  • Jason,

    I made a good log today. There was no wind. At first copter was nice and level after 2min it started to lean more and more to the left at 6 mins was the most leaning. And after 3-4 min it also started to lean more and more back. All in stabelize mode tried both simple on and of same problem. I also atached the apm with velcro so it is more vibration resistant and I balanced the props. Now ik will try again with firmware 2.1.

    2012-01-17 10-56 14.log

    2012-01-17 10-56 14.log.gpx

    2012-01-17 10-56 14.kmz

  • jason I have this issue in stabelize mode, aswel in simple and non simple. X525 frame stock jdrones 850kv 20a esc 4s lipo and 10x4.5 props.

  • Developer

    Are you in "Simple" mode? Publishing your params would help. thanks.


  • This is exact the same problem I am having with my quad with APM2 I mostly have this issue on pitch and sometimes on roll. I have atached some logs where this problem occured today.

    2012-01-15 10-48 8.log

    2012-01-15 10-50 13.log

  • Developer

    Can you include a flash log of your flight and make sure ATT messages are enabled?



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