I have a little trouble with my bird hexa.
He takes off properly, for 2 mins is very stable. then it drift to the left so Icompensate, but it goes very slowly and I continue to be compensated. I get to the bottom end of travel of the stick. of course if I release the stick at its center, there is a strong push on the left and turns like a pancake.

If you have an idea I'm interested, I am V2.2 but it did also in V2.1

Thank you in advance for your help

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Can you include a flash log of your flight and make sure ATT messages are enabled?




Jason thank you for your patience, I am a novice in the recovery and use oflogs. I hope that these two files you can learnthe crash must have taken place on the 5.

How do I use it a *. log?

thank you in advance for your help.


This is exact the same problem I am having with my quad with APM2 I mostly have this issue on pitch and sometimes on roll. I have atached some logs where this problem occured today.


Are you in "Simple" mode? Publishing your params would help. thanks.


no only in stabilize mode, never simple mode. And test 2 or 3 times the alt_hold with oscillation ~1 or 2 meters.

I used the Turnidy 9x modified with er9x with 2x Turnigy 9X 2.4GHz 8Ch Receiver (V2) for my quad and this hexa.

I've no problem with quad (frame 3DR) only with hexa. All motor 880kv, ESC 40A, prop 12x4.5 all from rctimer. and PID params are default. I've APM1.4 with EZ0,gps, magnetometer diydrone and telemetry but not connecting with 2 tests.

The first 2 flights, I have not had the problem. the batteries were not fully loaded so flight ~ 3-4 mins. The third battery (3s 4500), vol ~8 mins the problem began to appear. but the defect could be compensated and landing (log 4) diminish. For cons, the log5, 4s 4500 battery the defect was very fast  to appear and difficult to compensate, despite landing. The last takeoff was fatal because I was late to the bottom of the stick, and as soon as I released the stick a little to the left, he turned like a pancake.


jason I have this issue in stabelize mode, aswel in simple and non simple. X525 frame stock jdrones 850kv 20a esc 4s lipo and 10x4.5 props.

jason, you have an idea to read the logs, due to a problem?

I had a similar problem with my Tri... Landed with the roll stick all the way over... Reset.. and it

was fine but did not fly far.. Only in Stabilze mode..

Eddie Weeks



I made a good log today. There was no wind. At first copter was nice and level after 2min it started to lean more and more to the left at 6 mins was the most leaning. And after 3-4 min it also started to lean more and more back. All in stabelize mode tried both simple on and of same problem. I also atached the apm with velcro so it is more vibration resistant and I balanced the props. Now ik will try again with firmware 2.1.


Just tested on 2.1 the problem is now even worse. After 2mins the leaning to the left was so bad I had to land beceause it was not flyable anymore. PLS advice my copter is grounded till this problem is fixed. I am using the new purple 2.0 board. Pls see the logs.


Yes, I think I'm seeing similar - though perhaps not as aggressive. Log attached.

APM2, 2.2b2 software (only modification is to add battery monitoring), jDrones Hexa with the 880kv motors and larger props.


f5pql69 could you change the topic title to V2.xx drifting problem? That way more people can find this thread if they have the same problem. And maybe our problem then gets a bit more attention.

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