HELP! ESC frustration

Ok, I've hit a brick wall and I'm hoping someone can give me some advice. There seems to be a connection issue somewhere between my radio and my motors. When I try to calibrate my ESCs I get the musical tone and beeping but then the ESC's continue to beep every two seconds without letting up.

I'm using the 3DR radio telemetry kit and that seems to be set up and responding correctly. That makes me think that the problem is either in how the APM 2.5 is configured or that the problem is in the connection somewhere between the APM2.5 and the motors.  I noticed that when I unplugged the APM 2.5 completely and connected the motors to the lipo directly, the same musical tone and beeping occurred. 

Any thoughts?? 

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  • Hi, the tone sequence from the ESCs probably just indicates that no hardware errors were found. The beep every 2 seconds could mean no valid signal - check the manual.

    Maybe they can't cope with the high signal repetition rate of APM (400 Hz I think). Most R/C equipment only uses about 50Hz. The 400Hz are to get a more rapid response to control and stabilization and it works with many/most ESCs.



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