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I'm new to RC quad and hexacopters, and I'm about to buy my first hexacopter,,, I was searching for a good and affordable hexacopter or quadcopter with GPS for Return home and Hold position, that can lift a Camera gimbal with my GoPro and also use another light weight digital camera , I'm about to pull the trigger for this one DJI F550 http://www.flying-hobby.com/shop/f550-hexacopter-kitmotorescnazagps...

and I need to add TX/RX Battery and charger... wat do yo guys recommend.. for
TX/RX ? I wan to to be able to control the multicopter and the camera gimbal with the remote, also I want to do point-n-shoot.

also what Battery and Charger will be best..??

Thanks for your help


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I'd recommend the 3D Robotics hexacopter over the DJI but the DJI would get the job done too. There are a lot of transmitter options depending on the budget, a good bang for the buck radio is the Hitec Aurora 9. Same for the chargers and batteries, there are a lot of options depending on the budget. I've had good luck with a Hitec X4 AC Plus charger and batteries from Zippy (Hobby King). For batteries you'll probably want 5,000mAh to 8,000mAh with 3S (or 4S if the DJI motors can do it) and 30C or higher. If going with a battery with a lower capacity like 4,000mAh you'll want 45C or higher (or run multiple packs in parallel to provide sufficient current).

Luke gave good advice to which I add...find some local support too.

There should be one or two hobby shops in your area that you can buy from AND they will help you all they can. I understand trying to save money but online we can only go so far. A local hobby shop (LHS) provides you with hands on, experienced folk that either know what you need or can put you in contact with someone local that can help too. This is mostly intended to get you to buy a charger/connectors/wiring from your LHS OR at least go there and check prices.

+1 with the 3DR products. I built my quad  based on their design and sourced major parts with them.


I ended up getting the Hitec radio and charger from a local hobby shop because they had reasonable prices and I didn't have to wait for shipping. For everything else I went online. At my local hobby shop there's zero interest in multirotors and when they find out that's what you're working on they lose all interest and walk away to help other customers and they would sarcastically say stuff like "Oh yeah, those things. I've never seen one actually work. Good luck!"

I think there's a huge knowledge gap and the local hoppy shops just aren't interested in changing. Having local support is great, not sure if you'll find it at the local hobby shop. Even basic stuff like pusher props (for counter rotating pairs on multirotors) they weren't interested in stocking, but they offered to special order them and have them in a week (why wouldn't I just go online?). Maybe your local hobby shop is better than mine though.

Thank you for your advice,  I was looking for TX  and prices are from $50  fo $2k lol... what would be the difference between the  Hitec Aurora 9   that is 9 Channels and is around $250 and this one that is 10 channels and is  $53  ?  http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/s...FYbrKgodrRc-EA

Good feedback Luke and yes, the shops will vary greatly in their knowledge and experience.

If it is a 'plane focused' shop, that is often the case. Shops with helis tend to be very interested. Whenever I take my quad/quads to the shop, I always end up talking up the hobby with 4 or 5 other customers. In fact, one college professor took my card because he was intending to introduce multirotors into some physics coursework. He had spent much time here, on DIYD, and had not actually touched a quad!

On the other hand, here in the upstate of South Carolina we have some fantastic RC model participation.

Triple Tree Aerodrome  - home of the Joe Nall fly-in and Heli Extravaganza (both featured in Model Aviation)


The Turnigy 9X is a great radio for the price, but the build quality is pretty crappy and there's virtually no support. If you end up with a faulty unit you're better off just buying another rather than deal with the RMA to China. If all you have to spend is $50 (more like $80 with shipping) you won't find a better radio than the Turnigy 9X (or their new 9XR). If you have $300 or $400 to spend you get a few more bells and whistles (telemetry, battery and charger, ball bearing gimbals, longer warranty, etc.) and drastically better build quality and support. A good radio is worth every penny in my opinion.

Thank for the clarification...  my budget is between $200 and $250  for TX/RX  i was sugested to buy this one   http://www.rc-drones.com/DEVO-10-Transmitter.php  my hexa will lave GPS, and I want a gimbal that I want to control with the TX, also a camera with point-n-shoot from the TX

I guess that TX/RX  will do the work...  any store in the US where I can buy the batteries..??

Also do you know any landing gear / gimball for the F550 that can carry a GoPro or another light digital Camera  that I can Use and control the gimbal with the TX..??

thanks in advance for your help

I'm not familiar with that radio but it looks like it would work just fine. For $250 I would expect at least a charger and battery with it though. If you can spare another $50 I think this is a lot more radio for the money.



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