After being unable to find them on the web or in the local hobby shops, I'm trying to make the female to female patch cables used to hook the radio receiver up to the board, and I'm a little confused, and probably out of my depth.

I ordered some female connectors on ebay, but apparently I didn't understand what female connectors are, because I got only what I thought of as "male" connectors.... e.g. the pin rather than the socket, though I see how the housing could be considered female.

So I went to the hobby store and they had some that appeared to have both male and female connectors:

However all the pins in that package look like this:

It looks like if I trim the pins like this:

that I might be able to make that into a female connector, but it doesn't seem right to me. Am I completely off track?

-- MItch

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I feel like a bit of an idiot.. it looks like two of these are what I want:
If you haven't already ordered i would suggest ordering these. 10 servo leads for $5 delivered is hard to beat.
With a scalpel and pliers i found they can easily be converted to Female to Female cables. Ill post pics if you are interested.
I am interested in how you would convert, but it's a moot point for the moment.

I already had a couple of extension leads that I was trying to solder new connectors on.. what I ended up doing was removing the header pins from the two servo input channels and soldering the leads directly onto the board. It means that when I'm not in RC mode i need to tuck them out of the way, but I think that's relatively easy to do.

I also decided to do something slightly different. I connected the vectoring servo to channel 2 (pitch control), and connected the throttle to channel 1 (throttle on my 3 channel) and the differential to channel 3 (roll/yaw). It seems more "logical" to me, though I haven't actually tried to fly it yet (need helium.. going to the store later today. Once I actually try to fly it, it may make more sense to have the throttle on channel 2 and the vectoring on channel 1. I'll report back.

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