the BEC of my ESC burned out for some reason (really, with smoke) and since then my APM doesn't talk anymore, neither via telemetry, nor via USB. It is recognized by the PC as Arduino Mega 2560 and the com LEDs flicker but no data is coming through from the APM. Establishing a link also triggers a reset of the APM.

Besides the lack of communcations, the APM otherwise seems to work fine. It shows GPS lock after a while and I can arm it and spin up the motors. I didn't dare to test more, but ARM / Disarm and GPS works all ok, as it seems.

It just doesn't communicate anymore.

What could be the problem? A visual inspection of the PCB didn't show any obvious damages on the APM board, while one IC in the SBEC of the ESC bursted...


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  • I received a new MUX IC today from 3DR - free of charge I might add! Talking about great customer service!!! Thanks Rogelio!

    After replacing the MUX (which is devilish hard if you don't have specialized SMD soldering equipment!) my APM works perfectly again and talks to me - via USB as well as via radio!

    Again, thanks 3DR for great service!

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