Help needed: choosing IMU for tricopter.

Hello all,


I am trying to build myself a tricopter. My soldering skills are close to non-existing, so I have been looking for an already assembled board. The ones I
found here in Europe, are the arduIMU v2, CHR-6dm and the two Razor 6DOF resp.
9DOF IMU:s/AHRS. I can not decide on one since I hear a lot of bad things about each
one of them regarding different aspects such as gyro drift, lacking center
pillar acceleration correction, lacking sensor for head-and-hold functionality
etc. I am looking to get away as cheap as possible, but still be able to
stabilize a tricopter with reasonable effort. In the beginning I will only be
interested in having a stable flying tricopter (relative hovering or what it is
referred to) but with time I want to be able to keep the tricopter hovering at
a certain point (absolute position hovering?) and also be able to have the
tricopter fly to some certain point, so I guess a GPS and a compass is needed
for this in a later stage. I am looking to implement kalman filters and other
signal processing algorithms myself, but it is surely not a bad thing if
existing functionality is present and can be programmed into the system if I fail
to implement the filters myself. I was thinking of using an arduino uno as the
central unit mixing input from the receiver and output of the stabilizing PID-loops.
But I am stuck and need help deciding on an IMU/AHRS. Can someone recommend one that is fast enough, I read somewhere that the PID-loop preferably should run at
least 100Hz?, (think I will be able to get hold of fast speed controllers for
the motors) and has enough features for what I am describing I would be happy.




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