Help needed, with the new way adding camera stabilization

Good morning to all,


i presented my fixed wing platform to this blog 

and now iam trying to add camera stabilization, using a modified heli swash plate for camera pitch and roll mount with two servos for the movement and one servo for camera click, looking straight   down and leveld for easyer image post processing.

my Arduplane setup looks like this : 

full APM kit and sensors, version 2.24, MP.82, WIN 7 64bit 

i followed the wiki instruction : using GitGUI i downloaded a full copy local (i cant locate different branches), connected the servos and movement of camera mount.

But step 2 makes me feel realy silly : "Compile and download, simply issuing make upload in the command line  at the Arduplane sub-directory " 

-compile were and how using witch soft? issuing at git server , local or my APM,  

this could be a great feature for my project and i will be very greatfull if someone tryied this share some help. 

i understand that novice users sould stay to novice setups, but i see this step as an appertunity to move a liiiiittle bit forward.

thanks you all 


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here's a video from camera mount, it may  help 

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