Help on Optical Flow sensor calibration

Dear all,

I'm an engineer student specialized in embedded systems from Paris working on a drone prototype for a school project with other students.

I'm in charge of choosing which optical flow sensor will fit best our project's needs. I bought 2 PX4FLOW sensor and also 2 ADNS9500 we reworked to make an optical flow sensor.
I succeeded in configuring them with a good resolution and a good mode.

Although they return shift values when the sensor is moving, for a similar movement each optical flow gives different values of shift. For example the 2 PX4Flow sensor does not give the same shift values when being moved the same way. The move and the speed are the same for both optical flows.

Does anyone has any idea of a calibration or a test I could process on optical flows to check and verify the shift values they return to a particular move ?

thank you in advance for your time

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