• depends on the weight/thrust you want to  use.
    their is no BEST motor to use.
    but you'll have lots of options to do so

    becuase you are a newbie. I'll suggest any motors between 850-1350kv !

  • After looking at the posts, I think I may get flamed for saying this..

    I'm attempting to build my first quad as well. and my budget is very tight. The suggestions in "getting started" said go with 1000kv.. More KV will give you more speed = in trouble quicker.. or that's how I took it.. Next it said go for a1045 prop.. so that's what I set out to do.. get the best motor (most power) I could get in the 1000kv range that could support a 1045prop or better did I mention CHEAP! the next thing people seem to speak of is efficiency, this is tuff to know when you have never looked at motors before.. so I compared a few and if they didn't list it I assumed it was bad  the ones I choose stated <82.. seen some at 74 so I thought that was good enough.. this was a combo deal with the ecu's and the price seemed pretty good to me.. this is what I bought

    1 x Simonk 30A ESC With QM2812 980KV Brushless Motor Set for RC Model (SKU145070) CA$84.46

    I purchased this frame

    1 x HJ 450 4-Axis RC Quapcopter 450mm Frame Kit (SKU050829) CA$17.37

    these props

    2 x 1045 Propeller 10in 10x4.5 CW/CCW For Quadcopter And Multirotor (SKU147312) CA$3.25

    looking at the

    Turnigy 9X 9Ch Transmitter w/ Module & 8ch Receiver from hobby king.. but not ordered yet

     Hope that helps.. if not, maybe it will give some more suggestions from others ;)

  • Use ecalc to determine motor, prop, ESC, and battery sizes for your application.  

  • Hi,

    IMHO the right start is buying good and reliable bl motors, like AXI 2814...  You will avoid a lot of unwanted vibrations !

    They are worth the price !!!

    Happy Landings


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    Hi, you do have many choices for this. I did asked similar question from the forum recently...

    It all depends on what you want to achieve. Depending on whether you need power or long flight etc.. 

    Also it depends on the other parts you already have. 

    If you are a newbie (like me :)) you can go with the stock 850kV and 880kV motors from 3DRobotics or JDrones etc.. 



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