help to MTK 3329 5hz firmware

How do I back up MTK 3329 firmware it? I can download to upgrade the software, but there is no backup

May I ask who can provide the following MT3329 5HZ 38400 firmware it? Thank you very much。




I have upgraded the firmware provided above, but only 1hz refresh rate, a bit slow for FPV. I can support OSD to 5HZ, hope someone can provide what MT3329 5HZ 38400 firmware


If a friend needed MT3318 command line, I am here to provide you with


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  • I too was looking into this idea of saving my changes (hz and sentences) to flash. I came across the 390 command as well. Here's the rub. If you issue the PMTK490 command it will list out the current settings. The first value is the number of times you can save the user settings (i.e. - use the 390 command). You will find as I did, that it is set to ZERO 0, goose egg, nada, zip! So ya, you get a valid command/not performed message and that is why. As I am setting up a GPS to run without the aid of a microcontroller, and I don't have 2-way com, I am left with nothing but a 1hz GPS and lots of junk I don't need in the data stream.
  • Thank you for your reply
    I know that you can use the command update rate is to be changed. But I can only use
    5HZ to change the refresh rate, this method is not permanent storage.

    Can not use
    $PMTK390,0,5,9600,0,1,0,0,0,1,0,0,0,0,9600*3D<CR> <LF>.
    He prompts
    Means the command is correct, but can not perform

    Is there a good refresh rate and the baud rate to directly modify the firmware to download it?

  • You have to command the GPS to provide fixes at the data rate you want: 1Hz, 5Hz, 10Hz. It isn't hard coded into the firmware.


    The older firmware (July, AXN1.30_2243_3329) has bugs in the binary interface. You do not want to use that. Use the Sept firmware (AXN1.30_2278_3329) until DIY releases the "new" one out soon.


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