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 I've spent the last couple of weeks hunting around looking for this in my spare time and I just can't find a full bill of materials for the APM 2.5.2 boards. I can get a partial list from the Eagle files but some items don't have sufficient details for me to be confident that I'll be ordering/specifying the right components.

The background to my questions is two-fold.

Firstly I intensely dislike being stung by import duty on my purchases so try to avoid importing items from China/US and will always prefer a local (EU/UK) supplier over either of these options. As 3DR aren't currently shipping outside the US local supplies have pretty much dried up.

Secondly I've been stung by Chinese suppliers in the past, poorer quality components are substituted or the assembly process isn't as rigorous or both or something else. The end result is shoddy product that either didn't work or failed.

I suspect I'm not the only person to be affected by the above so rather than sitting waiting for the scenario to resolve itself, I thought i'd look into resolving it for myself. What I want/intend to do is produce a small-ish run of boards in the UK, with an EU warranty and return process. I've found a couple of manufacturers and have quotes for the PCB manufacture already. What i need now is quotes for pick and place and testing. To do this i need to ensure i specify the right components from the right manufacturers

If anyone has done this in the past and/or could offer some assistance it would be very much appreciated, I've attached the BOM from Eagle. 

Finally I know this is an open source project and I could just re-use the designs and cream the profit but i'd prefer to be a bit more ethical than that. To that end I was wondering if the dev team have a way of receiving royalty payments. This helps assuage my conscience and hopefully helps the devs build the next APM. Any info on this or a contact within the dev team would be greatly appreciated 

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    I did think about that but I think a lot of people are still happy with the apm and for my own uses (small quads) the smaller lighter apm is better. I thought about the mini but couldn't find the schematics anywhere.
  • Hi, considering that the days of APM are almost over,
    I'd suggest you try make a Pixhawk BOM instead. Or keep an eye on the other hardwares that are coming, like vbrain or the BeagleBone cape solution(s).
    Regards, Søren
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