Hi Guys,

I was trying to build an IBCrazy antenna for my 900MHz 1000mW system, but the performance is very poor :( Tried 3 different types of antennas, but performance is Crazily bad.

If someone has a 900mhz antenna with an SMA connector(self-made or bought doesn;t matter ), please consider helping me out since I am really in need of one and cannot buy one online since I am only 14 :( Its important that the antenna have an SMA-male connector.

This is for my Bixler UAV, but without the antenna, FPV will be impossible. Please help me out!

Check out my blog at cpvrc.wordpress.com for information about my ultimate Bixler !


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How is the performance with the supplied antenna? I use IBCrazy's inverted Vee or the supplied antenna depending on the application.

I got an antenna with the Tx, but the Rx antenna had fallen out of the box in transit :( If you do have a DIY or otherwise Rx antenna for 900Mhz, please help me out!

Sorry I only got one and use it on the quad and the inverted vee in a plane. The inverted vee is very simple and should work fine as long as the measurements are reasonably accurate and the two elements are not touching, that was why I asked as if performance was bad with the supplied antenna then something else might be wrong?

Thanks graham, could you just ask around if anyone has any extra SMA 900MHz antennas



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