Help with my proposed build, 60" Rightwing Drak + VTOL


I've flown quad copters for a couple years now until several months ago I experienced a power failure up in the air and it came crashing down 400'.  So now I'm looking for a new one and I was thinking of building my own because I was always a little frustrated with run time.

I'm thinking of a rightwing Drak 60" version but adding 4 or 8 rotors for VTOL.

Can anyone with experience here please tell me if such a thing would work and what issues I may face?

I'm fairly advanced with electronics and such.  But have never built an aircraft before.  Looking forward to it.  i just don't want to start something that will be impossible to fly.

Ideally i can have VTOL and hover features but also long run time with regular flight.

thank you much

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Start by reading the documentation here:

and ask questions on the discussion forum at

Cheers, Tridge

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