Help with RTL throttle and Rudder turn coordination

Hi All

Am I correct when I interpret that in RTL mode the throttle will not arm until the aircraft is in the air and moving? I'm guessing but I assume that the APM determins this from the GPS output. That's what I've assumed in the setup instructions but just need confirmation.

I'm new to APM so my assumptions may be wrong. My plan of attack is to fire up APM at the field, let it sit for a while for gryos to stabilize and GPS to obtain lock. Throttle will obviously work on the ground in Manual mode, as well as in Stabilize mode, but not in RTL. Then take off in manual mode, switch to stabilize and test, and then to RTL when the throttle will hopefully work. Am I correct in these assumptions?

Also, in stabilize mode I can't seem to get my rudder to coordinate correctly, it seems to want to coordinate the turn incorrectly ie. reversed. Any help with this will also be appreciated.



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Yes, that's correct. You can reverse your rudder direction if needed in the Mission Planner. 

Thanks for the confirmation Chris.

I tried reversing the rudder direction in Config but haven't noticed that capability in Mission Planner.  I'll have a look.

Thanks again



It's in the RC setup screen. Any channel can be reversed.

Thanks Chris. All sorted now. I misunderstood your original post. My fault.

Thanks for your help

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