Hi All,

My first post here, I've been trying to setup a tricopter using APM 2.6 + GPS.

My first question: How to get the YAW servo to work?. Bars under Radio calibration are moving fine but when I power the tri I cannot get YAW in any direction.

Is there a PID list for tricopters that I could follow?

My servo is connected to output channel #7 and motors are using #1, #2 and #4 channels


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You didn't say how you were powering the servo and APM. If you are using a Power Module for the APM you need to pull JP1 and provide a separate power source to the output bus for the servo. This could be from one of the ESCs or a dedicated BEC. And BTW, the servo won't respond until the Tricopter is actually armed.

The stock PIDs that come with the usual tricopter installation is probably a good start. Tricopters are all pretty unique and thus their PIDs are all very different, so there's no real list of PIDs.

Thanks Tom,
My output side is powered by 1 BecEsc and i removed the red cable on the other 2 motors.
The input side has another Bec on input 8. All linked to the same battery.
I was getting the pre-arm "Check Board Voltage" so it was not letting me arm the outputs.

Update: i disabled PreArm for now and Servo is working (yes!) but i need to go back and check why am i getting the voltage warning. Can you provide any lead where to start?


Sergio, Tom,

Following your discussions..

I had the same problem you have, I connected the black + red lines to the outputs and the servo signal wire to the a11 for my Gimbal servo... I had it armed as well but no sign of life to the servo.. and i also had one esc fully connected.

on planner i had the gimbal set up to A11 With stabilize clicked also.

Let me know if you can help.

Hey Sergio, I have the same problem that you have. my #7 output is dead, no voltage. I have been looking for a way to remap the #7 output to either 6 or 8 so that I can get some life out of my tricopter tail servo. did you ever find a way to get yours working? Thanks mate! Maybe we can look at this together. 

I have the power module for the APM, J1 removed. The only way I got the servo to work was to use the power source  from the esc motor #2 plugged into output 3.

Hi Im building a tri-copter does and I want to use a dedicated BEC. Do i connect this input port 7 of  the APM ??


same problem..im building my tricopter but i dont have any signal for the servo on my naze 32 rev5 (i bus mode,on cleanflight configuration ) i have motor signal on output 1,2,3 but no servo..im wonder if this FC works for tricopters... do anybody know how to fix the problem?

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