Help with understanding the meaning of GCS items?

I've converted the windows Avionics Controls Demo that I blogged about recently to ArduPilot format.


It turns out to be a good experiment for my mini gound station project.

I could do with some help deciding which values should be displayed



For example heading/course/bearing. What is the difference?


Roll min=-60 max=60. Do I multiply by 3 to get the roll within 360 degree?


Vertical climb rate .Feet or metre per second?


If you take a look at the controls in the application what values would you recommend using for which controls?


Much appreciated


NB: It is possible that the control to the bottom left is not relevent to ardupilot and could be replaced by GPS or google info

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  • Heading = the direction the nose is pointed
    Course = the direction the aircraft is going (think 'course over the ground')
    Bearing = the direction from one point to another point

    Vertical speed is usually given in ft/min for "real" aircraft. However, feel free to use whatever works for you.
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