Hi All,

I'm setting up my first non-fixed wing APM and need some help.  I've setup the APM and speed controls on my 3DR Y6 (2013) and went through all of the calibration.  Had to reverse the ailerons to get the radio calibration correct on the calibration screen and then saved everything.  Checked that the artificial horizon responds properly (making sure it tilts in the proper direction when I tilt the Y6).  

Armed the motors and the RC commands for aileron and elevator are backwards (haven't checked yaw yet.)  I also found that the APM control input in stabilized mode is also incorrect (tries to pitch and roll in the wrong direction.)  

I can reverse the RC aileron and elevator control in the advanced configuration screen but not the auto input.  Any idea what I'm doing wrong?  I confirmed that the motors are plugged into the proper according to the instruction but only a couple of them respond in properly to RC or APM input.  

Also, the 2013 Y6 manual says to select QUAD when installing the firmware.  Is that correct?  I selected Y6 since that doesn't make any sense.

Any help would be greatly appreciate.


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Got it figured out.  The instructions have been outdated by the firmware for the APM.  I had to reconfigure how the motors are numbered since the Y6 has been replaced by the Y6B.  All's good now.


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