Hex build. Am I nuts?

OK, well this is the 2nd revision of my first RC anything. The first revision was the same craft but it was using an Eagle Tree Vector controller.

So far these are the parts I have:

  • Tarot FY680 Iron Man
  • Sigma Summit Motor Mounts (~740mm now)
  • PixHawk Controller
  • Mauch 4-14S 200A Power Module (pending delivery)
  • Quanum MT 3510 630KV
  • Turnigy K-Force 30A (Opto)
  • Zippy Flightmax 8Ah 6S 30C or Venom 6s 12Ah 30C
  • 13x5.5 Carbon Props
  • 3DR uBlox GPS/Compass
  • PX4FLOW Optical Flow Sensor
  • Lightware SF10-C LIDAR Altimeter 0-100m
  • Turnigy 9XR Pro
  • Floureon 915MHz Telemetry
  • 2W 1.3GHz NTSC Video Transmitter
  • HawkEye DTF-UHF 1w 16ch
  • Still debating on a gimbal for my GoPro
  • Sony camera for FPV, unsure of the model #

Here is why I might be nuts. I have no specific use for this. I just seem to be buying things that sound or look cool.

I will add some pics to this later.

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  • Oh, I'm also a ham radio operator so I felt the need to utilize the ham bands.

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