Hexa Motors Props Battery Flight Time

I'm curious to find out what other members flying hexa's use, as I'm considering going to the 850KV motors to save power consumption.


My hexa has arducopter 880KV motors with 10x4.5 props and 5000Mah 3S battery.  Longest flight time was 7 mins.


Do you think I'd get longer flight times with 12x4.5 props on 880KV motors?


Given that 880KV + 12x4.5 props on quad for heavy lifting, with a hexa having 2 motor motors, are 12x4.5 and 880KV just a wast of power consumption?

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  • I am using Roxxy 2827-34 (750kv) and the APC 10x4.7 Props with my 1.3kg Copter and 3000mAh.


    My last flight time was about +-20min.   Then the lipo alarm went off and my lipo was down to 3.4V.



    I used different motors before. The Roxxy did give me the best flight time and the most power.

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    Hai use 4S lipo and you will get rather nice extension to your flight times


    And yeah for hexa you could use AC850 motors. You anyways have more capacity due having more motors on board.

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    Something must be wrong there.
    My hexa uses KDA 20-22L motors (924kv) with 10x3.8 props. It weighs 1900g and I can fly 12.5 min with turnigy 5000mAh 3S battery. 14.5 min flighttime without camera at about 1800g weight.

    What is your total weight ?
  • With my MK Hexa I'm using the following configuration:
    Roxxy 2827-35 (750 kV), 10x4,5 props, and a 5000 mAh Turnigy nano 4S

    Maximum flight time without camera: 22 min
    Maximum flight time with 175g compact camera: 18 min

    Due to some comments in the MK forum I think that the 4S makes the difference


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