Good day everyone.

Was out for a video shoot and my bird fell like a brick.

 Jdrones Hexa with APM 3.01


 Was flying normal when all power was cut to motors. On video playback their is no battery alarm. Just motor noise, then no motor noise, wind then crash. I have lost control before and was able to recover with the stabilize toggle. This was different. Just stopped mid flight.

 I am attaching the file. Not quite sure how to read it, but I did graph it and it looks strange at the end of the flight.

 Thanks Todd

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 Sorry forgot to mention that I am using Frsky D8R-IIplus Telemetry and a WFLY WFT 09, 9ch controller which is sold by JDRONES. I see that other companies other than Jdrones use this APM so I am leaning toward the the issue being the controller or tele. unit. Any suggestions please? and thanks.

Hi Todd,


Sorry to hear you lost your hex. Sadly there is a problem to read the log in Mission Planner (Too much bad data).


When I look at the data I am  almost sure there is a power ploblem or a total lockup of the APM.

Because there is no evidence in the logs of something strange happening, the APM was not running at the moment the problem occured. This happens when the power to the APM cuts totally or the APM locks up. Locking up is not something often seen.

When you can't find an electrical cause (bad or loose connector or wiring) I would suggest you erase the APM totally an reprogram the unit.

Also the bad data of the logs can be a sign of a corrupt memory or eeprom of the APM.

 Thanks Geert

I did have to a reformat before when I upgraded to 3.01. For the cost of losing the hexa again, for $144 will get me the APM 2.6. Start fresh. I will git the old one the once over. Also had to reterminate the micro SM connector that broke off.!

Thanks again Todd,  will have a youtube vid posted shortly. I got the crash on my gopro

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