Hexa with 850 Kv motors and 12x45 propellers


I did a mistake and ordered the standard 3DR propellers for the hexa. I was supposed to go for the standard ones, but managed to get 12x45 EPP. Maybe I was supposed to order 880Kv motors and the large propellers. I really do not remember. APM 2.0 had quite som delivery time...

So I have propellers that are 12x45 insteda of the standard 10...

I have no idea if this turns out to be any problems for me?

As I am completley new on this, I feel that I want to get the bird up and flying with "standard" settings. I do not want to spend forever adjusting the settings because I have an unusual prop/motor combination.

Should I order new propellers, or just use the 12x45 I have??

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  • I actually fly 850KV motors with the bigger props and it works great for me. I get far more lift that way since I'm running a huge 6600mah 3S3P older battery. I couldn't even hover with the 10 inch props but it flies perfectly with the 12x4.5s. I fly with stock settings, basically load the firmware, level it, calibrate the radio and fly. That simple. Either I'm the luckiest person in the forum, or the system just works if you follow the directions to the letter. Also have a hexa that I fly with the 11x4.7, but mainly because the tips of the 12 inch props are too close for comfort on the hexa frame. The arms can move just close enough that they could hit.

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