Hexacopter Auto flight mode


I would like to know from seniors about settings for auto mode.

I tried Auto mode and created waypoints for a auto flight between

launch point and 2 waypoints 20 meters away just to test and the last way point

was landing.


The moment I switched the switch to Auto, hexa copter zoomed like a rocket

and went up to aprox 40-50 Meters up and then it travelled to way points and when it was supposed to land it kept hovering and suddenly to my horror it was falling down fast. I did not panicked and switched to stabilized mode and recovered it when it was approx. 15 meters from the ground and avoided a crash landing.


What I noticed that though it went to waypoints but did not follow the altitude (8Meters) given in the waypoints. I realized later that my Sonar was blocked with my 3" wide foam sheets used as landing gear. (My original landing gear were broken in another fall recently and I have imported new set but did not used them yet)

I would like to know how to set and where to set the altitude for copter in Auto mode?

I could not find any settings or did not understand them.

What I could see in advanced param is something like this.

LIM High Atl  25

LIM low Alt    10

LIM Alt           0

I may have not written above params exactly as I am away from copter but they are similar.

Please suggest what to do? (I am using a ready to fly Hexa bought from udrones.





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  • It sounds like you are new to APM.

    Take care, read the manuals, especially initial flights, get everthing working reliably before going to auto!
    These things are going to kill or injure someone soon, 3DR infer that these are buy and fly. That is very bad information, profit before safety. That is not good!

    In answer to your question, The multi didn't know what height it was at!
    Sonar works up to about 9 mtr, but it was shielded so was a worse case than if it was disabled.
    The Baro sensor, was it shielded? Needs to be, RTFM!

    The Land command just lands, it does not use its waypoint, so from what you said you did, had the height system been working, then when switching to auto, the multi would have flown to the first of the two waypoints (20 meters away), then Land. The height flown would be the default set in MP (unless you overid this in the WP height box).

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