I have question with regard to choosing flight controller for racing hexacopter. My main doubts are connected with features of FC. To bring the issue closer, I will describe which functions I would like FC to have (included on board or able to connect to FC):

- 6 (or more) motors support,

- gimbal (3-axis camera) control,

- GPS,

- accelerometer,

- gyroscope,

- telemetry,

- OSD,

- bual camera support (one to FPV, second e.g. mounted on gimbal),

- 32-bit fast processor (best F7/H7 type),

My main concern is related with Power Distribution Board (PDB). I have found many 4in1 ore similar but I haven't seen any for 6-axis drones which would work fine with 6S (22,2V) battery. I'm going to use six iFlight Xing 2208 6S 1800kV motors which at 100% throttle consume approximately 41,5A per one. That's why I will use 2200mah 120C LiPo battery and six single UFOFPV 50A ESC's. Maybe someone will advise me which PCB would be capable of working with such parts of my build and which Flight Controler would be the most suitable to match my expectations. It shouldn't be big and heavy so I would rather buy one with many integrated sensors on board. 

If in your opinion better is to buy all-in-one FC with integrated PCB let me know if you found any capable of working witch multirotor drones (like my 6-axis with 6 motors) and give me instructions if it will be able to deal with current which maximally will amount to about 240A.

My choice is: https://www.getfpv.com/lumenier-lux-f7-ultimate-flight-controller-d...

To make it working fine I have to connect ESP's to power source (battery) but, as I think, I need PDB which is hard to find on 22.2V battery.

I'm looking forward for responses. Thanks fora ady advice in advance! :)

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