HEXA's owners, please advise

I am desperately trying to figure out good PIDs.

will appreciate owners of HEXA's share their PID and hardware setup !


I have an HEXA X frame, with 75cm between opposite motors,

using the 2836 880kv motors (orange) and 12" composite props.

latest AC2





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  • well after a few hours of tuning i came with

    P 0.5

    I 0.025 (didn't touch it)

    D 0.14


    but it is still far from being stable.

    it doesnt oscillate, but it flies forward, to the sides, a bit randomly...


    all is calibrated OK, but seems like it isn't leveling OK, it regularly takes off with the front two arms higher than the back ones, and i have to stick forward to keep it in place (very slight)


    im a bit frustrated,

    can vibrations from the arms trick the APM about stability in so important terms ?

    should hexa be more complicated to tune and get stable flying compared to Quads ?

  • I just changed  P=0.49 



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