What does High GPS HDOP mean? I'll get High GPS HDOP when trying to arm the quad but when i unplug the battery a few times the message goes alway then i can arm the quad. Is it because im not getting a good GPS lock? "Newbie"

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This should do it. Have fun with your learning curve.

"High GPS HDOP : the GPS’s HDOP value (a measure of the position accuracy) is above 2.0 and the vehicle is in a flight mode that requires GPS and/or the circular fence is enabled.  This may be resolved by simply waiting a few minutes, moving to a location with a better view of the sky or checking sources of GPS interference (i.e. FPV equipment) are moved further from the GPS.  Alternatively the check can be relaxed by increasing the GPS_HDOP_GOOD parameter to 2.2 or 2.5.  Worst case the pilot may disable the fence and take-off in a mode that does not require the GPS (i.e. Stabilize, AltHold) and switch into Loiter after arming but this is not recommended." I that'll do the job!

Disable Geo fence in Cofig

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