I really need to figure this out but I'm badly stuck, desperately need help. Trying to do HIL simulation via X-Plane.

When I load normal ArduPlane firmware to my APM 2.6 board, it shows blue blinking light and I can also calibrate accelerometer, external compass just fine. The horizon in Flight Data shows armed.

HOWEVER, when I upload HIL firmware to the board, only the red light keeps blinking, I'm not able to calibrate anything nor the MP is able to simulate the data, the artificial horizon says "unarmed".

MOST IMPORTANTLY, I can see the IMU and location data coming in from X-Plane in the Simulation tab, BUT APM doesn't respond to it, it doesn't show the location or speed/pitch/attitude/altitude data in the Flight Data tab, the map or horizon isn't updated at all. It all remains static. APM doesn't control neither fly the plane and keep saying "unarmed".

Also, I keep getting this message: "Waiting for first HIL_STATE message"

Screenshots attached.




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  • Please let me know if any of you had worked this out, I'm having the exact same issue as Ehti.

  • I had success with firmware v. 2.76 HIL

  • Have the same issue. For me, Mission Planner can't find the HIL firmware for ArduPlane(it can only find Quad and Heli). I am able to install the normal firmware and see the bearing and attitude but rest of the stuff is not being read in the simulation tab.

  • I have same problem :(

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