HIL simulation with Radio communication

TL;DR — How can I communicate with my APM 2.5 in a HIL simulation FROM A DIFFERENT COMPUTER using the 3DR radio (wireless telemetry interface)???


I noticed here that I "cannot connect via the radios when [my] APM 2 is also connected via USB [because] they share the same port"... and to use the APM 2.5 in a harware-in-the-loop (HIL) configuration, I must be connected via USB (right??)... so:

HOW can I communicate via 3DR radio with my APM 2.5 in a HIL (connected via USB) if they use the same COM port?


I want to use the APM 2.5 in a HIL simulator (FlightGear) because I do not have an airframe... and I want to "control" the APM 2.5 from a DIFFERENT system than it is using for the HIL...


Any suggestions on how to accomplish this???

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  • For APM2.5 you can connect your radio through the UART2 on the side of the board, it's part of the single file headers. 

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