Can Hitec Optic 6 be used for switching Ardupilot between manual, autopilot and RTL? and if so how do you set it up??

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You can if the Radio have a 3 position swith like this one on my Hitec eclipse 7 :

You can setup the three function in Ardupilot code here :

Have a nice day ^^
Hi Tycinis
Thanks a lot for your assistance but this creates a few questions I hope you can help me with.
First of all, I have loaded Ardupilot 2.1 and as far as I can see the first part(in the thread) is already in the code:

byte Tx_Switch_Status(void) //Return zero when we are in manual mode, return 2 when autopilot mode 0, return 3 when autopilot mode 1...
return 0x01; // WP mode
return 0x02; // RTL mode
return 0x00;

I do have this switch on my radio but as far as i have understood this is not linked to any channel (5 or 6) but are used to recall a particular flight mode. Is there any setup procedyre I have to do on the radio in order to assign this switch to channel 5 or 6?
I put everything together yesterday and tried but could not get any reaction on the switch. I must obviously missed something.
And again, thanks for your assitance!

Hi, I too have the Eclipse 7 and have just ordered the APM v2 controller.  Can anybody explain how to program the Eclipse so that the 3-way flight mode switch can be used to control the APM's flight mode? (Just like the post below, I also thought that flight mode just selected a preset of mixes/trims?)  Thanks!

Hi, I managed to set up your Eclipse 7 for your APM 2.0 or 2.5? Thanks for your help.

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