• Tried the HMC5983 on a APM 1.x setup with software 3.0. Works out of the box like a drop-in. Very stable.

  • Hello!

    I have this mag:

    but I don't know how to install it :( I have conected trought i2c port but now I don't know to continue with the installation.

    I tried to calibrate with live calibrate but I obtain the message: "log does not contain enough data" and if i try to do the compassmot: "compass not healthy"

    Please can you help me?

    Sorry for my english.

    Best Regards.

  • I have one on my quad for 4 weeks or so and it works fine. It also seems more immune to EMI. With my 5883L I got toilet bowling when flying close to powerlines. With the 5983, I don't see this.

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    Thanks for the schematic, much appreciated. This is exactly what I need.

    The PX4 I2C connector provides 5vdc, but expects the I2C logic signals to be 3.3vdc.

    The 3DR standalone compass can run on either 5vdc or 3.3vdc. When 5vdc is selected, the onboard regulator provide 3.3vdc for the HMC5833L, however the onboard level shifter runs on 5vdc and therefore outputs 5vdc logic on the compass I2C outputs.

    The PX4 is expecting 3.3vdc logic on the compass clock and data lines, but will work with the 5vdc logic from the 3DR module since the PX4 is 5vdc tolerant.

    Using this new HMC5983 will allow me to use the 5vdc from the I2C connector, but provide 3.3vdc logic compass clock and data lines to the PX4. Perfect!


    TCIII ArduRover2 Developer 

  • I tried it but had no luck.

    It's kinda working, but as I turn it, mission planner shows me drifting the direction anywhere but not as it should.

    When turning, North is showing every time in an other direction. :-(

    If I remember right, the datasheet says, it's a plug&play replacement of the 5883, so perhappes I only have a failty unit?!

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