i m working on my autopilot project. but before jumping into practical, i want to study and understand the working and operation of autopilot system to its depth. ok can u people explain how an autopilot works? in step by step approach? i mean what steps the autopilot system performs to guide an aircraft autonomously. what are the hardwares that are invloved in each step. please explain technically. 

important technical points are:

->how autopilot computer takes gps and imu input and produce a control signal for servos?

->at GCS, how to get the data from modem and display it to custom made CCS software, can i design the GCS software with visual studio C#?

->where the waypoint paths are stored? in autopilot memory or any external memory?

->what is kalman filter?

by technical explanation i mean, dont provide general facts like "autopilot requires GPS, IMU to map its location and orientation bla bla bla, i know about GCS, Trancievers, telemetry, control surfaces, sensors etc. 

Provide any links u can about the topic.

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    Have you tried a web search yet? Plenty of resources out there on how an autopilot functions.

    Here is a basic description of how an autopilot functions:http://science.howstuffworks.com/transport/flight/modern/autopilot5...


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    So just how much of your project do you want this community to do for you? As you know about GCS blah blah blah you will have no trouble reading the BOMs and source code. This is generally a friendly place. Making demands of members does not normally create pages of answers. 

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