How can I show the video stream of PX4 drone on my android APP?

Dear all:
I have developed a drone app using o3dr dronekit packages and I can successfully connect to PX4 board. However, I do now know how to show a preview of the PX4 board on my APP.
I used the following API but it simply does not work:
CameraApi.getApi(this.drone).startVideoStream(videoSurface, CameraActions.ACTION_START_VIDEO_STREAM, videoProps, null/*abstractCommandListener*/);
of course I do not assign an value to videoSurface, and videoProps cuz don't know what to assign.
Even before this, do I need to add any widgit view that creates a range for the view to show?

Any replies will be appreciated. 3q


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Check out rhe wifibroadcast project. They are sending raspberry pi images to Android so that should really help you. I also think there is an app called Tower.

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