How can I used the AUX servo outs 1,6 as PWM for DodecaHexa?

I have calibrated ESC on all motors, but to do so I had to swap the esc signal wires top (1-6) for bottom (7-12). I'm connected to 1-6 main and aux. Only the main seem to be working, but all motors and escs work fine. My Autostart code is set to 24001 I believe. It's the correct one according to the guide. However in servo outs in the set up page in planner I only see options for 6 or 8 outputs I can't remember, not 12 or 14. What do I need to do to utilize the AUX out? I am running PX4, not Arducopter. I didn't find any easy option for dodeca with ardupilot without tinkering with the source myself and I'm pretty green.. Would appreciate any suggestions!

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Couldn't get this working with the PX4 FS but was able to upload AC 3.6.x developer build and that had an option for frame type 12.  This did allow me to get all the motors spinning, although they have to be plugged into main 1-8, then aux 1-4.  I think Aux 5,6 are set up by default as relays, but not 100% sure.  In any case, this is different than PX4 so take note.  For some reason I'm concerned the motors aren't in the right order because as I'm taking off I can pitch it forward back etc, but it seems to be reversed in pitch maybe, or that's on my end... this happened once before oddly, so it might be my controller's channel is reversed.  Anyway... this is resolved for me I guess.  Thanks.

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