How do I increase horizontal speed?

Hello all,

I've looked through the forums but cant find my answer. I just received a new Quanum Nova quad from Hobby King. It flies pretty well but it is slow. Then when I put the gimbal on it, I have a hard time flying it back to me while flying into the wind. With the gimbal attached it wanders around the sky and twitches in loiter mode. I'm pretty sure that is due to it being way out of balance.

Interestingly, none of the instructions talk about balancing the aircraft after adding a gimbal.

It is slow without the gimbal as well. How do I increase the horizontal speed on the APM? I see where to increase it while flying Waypoints but I don't see it while flying in manual/stable mode.

Does anyone have a suggestion?


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  • Hi Don

    The thing to remember is that your Quad is pulling air through the propellers to make it move in any direction. If you want it to go faster, then it has to

    a. Increase the speed with which to pull the air through

    b. pitch forward to increase the available surface area with which to pull the air through.

    I built a really fast quad. It has 1400kv motors and 10 inch 3 bladed props with a 7 degree pitch on them. It is as fast going forwards as my Durafly Vampire EDF but its pitched so far forwards that at full tilt its useless to hold a camera on a gimbal as either the camera is just pointed at the floor or the blades are constantly in shot.

    APM will let you go faster if the hardware will power it. I'm guessing that your motors are more oriented to slow fly.

    Change your motors to a higher KV and increase prop pitch to something upwards of 5 deg to 7 deg and you will see a marked difference.

    Hope I helped. Happy ot chat on message if you want any more support.


    • Hi Ewen,

      Thank you for the reply. I found my answer on RcG. I needed to change the "Max Angle" value from 2300 to around 3500. Now it does fine flying into the wind. Now I need to try to set up auto tune with the gimbal on to see if I can correct the issue of twitching and wandering while in loiter mode.

      Thanks again..

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