• MP 1.2.14  has been driving me crazy with this issue of the various windows  -  however, this was only on my Win 7- 64 laptop (not my desktop Win7-32 PC) and then only over the past 2 to 3 weeks. This looked more to me like a Microsoft 'update' issue rather than a bug in the code.

    Guess what though - the recently released MP 1.2.15 version works just fine !

    MP's a great utility Michael, keep up the good work.

  • I find this problematic as well.  

    To me the bigger issue is that the latest version of MP has become quite unstable.  I have browsed around to find solutions for this and tried a few things.  I think I will revert back to an earlier version and see if it is more stable.

  • @Mark Colwell,

          Thanks for experimenting with the windows and maybe coming up with some recommendations - I tried your approach and somethings were correct and somethings weren't - not sure yet. It is clear that the files of interest are in the APM Planner directory (main directory after install) and are called config.xml, FDLayout.xml, and FDscreen.xml. Also the file ArdupilotPlanner.log shows at the end that it is saving the screen layouts. Maybe if we can decode the xml files, we can manually edit the saved values that we want.

  • Developer

    I poked about new window interface in 1.2.14 and almost have a usable solution.

    It saves some, but not all positions,  

    Reduce width & close Quick View, click on "Pin" icon in upper right.

    Resize HUD and G_Map windows,

    And resize Actions, Gauges, Status & Telemetry Logs windows as a single tabbed window below HUD.

    I did this by click down on a window and hold and drag to "Tab" Icon that appears below and then un-click, same for remaining windows.

    When all are set up as you like, shutdown MP, Then restart

    First Reset all windows that now are anchored to top left, by right click and select Reset.

    Most will go back to were they were, but you neded to

    Close Quick view if you want, and resize Hud to right

    That is was I able to figure out so far...

  • Same problem with me.  I never know when to say anything because so many times it's something wrong with me. So glad to hear I'm not alone.

  • I'm having the same problems...i cannot get the screen to save in the configuration I want, and have to reset the windows each time I run it...and can't find a solution.  Help!

  • I'll second that question.  My windows are all over the place and it's a nightmare trying to get it back to normal.

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